"Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge" Day 2


"Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge" Day 2
Ramp Up Your Feminine Sex Appeal without Being Slutty!

It's important to remember that this part of the challenge doesn't mean you have to stop eating carbs forever or go to hot yoga five times a week. That's not what this is about. This is about getting out of your head and taking care of your physical self. One small change every day will make you feel better and increase your feminine mojo, guaranteed. And as a result, you will see a shift in the amount of attention you get from boyfriend material guys.

Once you've begun to connect with your sensuality, it's time to discover the delicate balance between chemistry, lust and love. No matter how amazing your new man is, the power you acquire from waiting to get intimate with him is unparalleled. What's more, waiting allows your feelings to catch up with the chemistry. Waiting to have sleepovers until you have established the pace of your relationship is a fantastic framework to follow, and one that will help you weed out the players so you only invest time in the men looking for a serious relationship.


Don't get me wrong, at Dating With Dignity we don't advocate that you wait an exact amount of time with each guy. Life's too fluid for that type of rigidity. What we do want, however, is for you to establish YOUR contact. Ask yourself: What kind of security do you need before you sleep with a man? Do you need monogamy? Exclusivity? Marriage? Take the time to discover if the two of you are really a match, and then get to the hot stuff!

If you're feeling brave, let me know your thoughts on day two of the "Meet Your Man Challenge" by commenting in the box below. Tell me where you can improve on your sex appeal, and what you plan to do this year to become the sexiest, most confident version of you! :)

If you want to take the challenge one step further and be way more sexy, savvy and confident with men, don’t forget to grab the V.I.P. coaching at home DWD fan favorite – The Super Me System, your personal blueprint to becoming the most super version of YOU. If you’re serious about meeting your man, The Super Me System will practically guarantee your success this year.

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