Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge


Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge
Day #3: Honing Your Dating Savvy - Get Any Man to Pursue You

3. Practice the art of receiving, ask for help and show appreciation for what he does for you. In the 21st century, it’s up to you to be a modern alpha female so he can step into his alpha male role. If you don’t, he may just let you take over, which feels good short term, but in the long term ends up being a total turn off to the alpha female.
And that’s pretty much all there is to getting a man to pursue you. It’s about giving him the space he needs to make his move, and knowing that if he doesn’t, he’s not the right man for you anyway. 

As I’m sure you know, there’s not possibly enough time in the “Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge” to divulge ALL the expertise you’ll need to guarantee you meet your man this year. This challenge will put you on the right path to finding him, but there’s still a ton of tips, scripts and tricks that will catapult you to the finish line.


That’s why, in honor of this week’s challenge, I’m offering you one more: The Super Me 14-Day Challenge – a V.I.P. at home coaching program that will give you your personal blueprint to becoming the most super, amazing and authentic version of you this year – practically guaranteeing you meet your man in 2013.

This D.I.Y. program walks you through the same formula I use with my private coaching clients to reverse any past damage from failed relationships, get rid of your old patterns and romantic ruts and become more sexy, savvy and confident with men.

If you’re serious about meeting your man this year (which I suspect you are!), The Super Me 14-Day Challenge will get you there. 

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