Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge


Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge
Day #3: Honing Your Dating Savvy - Get Any Man to Pursue You

Aloha Dignity Daters, and welcome to the final day of the “Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge – 3 Steps to Tell the Difference Between a Player and the Guy Who is Looking for Love!”

Today’s challenge, along with The Super Me 14-Day Challenge, is going to put you exactly where you need to be to find your man in 2013.
And the final step of the “Meet Your Man Challenge” is…


Step Three: Honing Your Dating Savvy – Get Any Man to Pursue You
One of the biggest mistakes you might have made in 2012 is not letting that good guy pursue you. Maybe instead of allowing him the space to properly court you, you were pursuing the player type, who will totally allow you to chase after him and then most likely leave you in the dust. Or maybe you were desperately trying to fix the “cry baby” type who needed you to coach him into living into the potential you saw for him. Maybe, instead, you were dating Mr. Quality Casual, desperately looking for signs (Crumbs, even?!) that showed he was up to taking your relationship to the next level – which included you working really hard to make it happen.

Whatever your rut, it’s exhausting and can end up feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
Here’s the deal:

A guy looking for love is going to want to embrace the masculine side of courtship and call you when he says he’s going to call. He will clearly be into you. The relationship will move forward. It will progress.

He’s also probably going to take you on a real live date (contrary to a “not date”). In case you need a refresher, a “not date” typically consists of a call post-10 p.m., a same-day ask out, and an activity that involves little to no effort on his part: i.e., you bringing take-out to his house at 11 p.m. where you watch a movie. In his bed.
Part of attracting the relationship-ready guy is knowing how to embrace your feminine, having self-confidence, and juggling the delicate balance between physical chemistry and real intimacy. A Boyfriend Material guy, one who is looking for real lasting love, is going to appreciate those things about you. You just have to make the space for him to enter your life! What’s more, once you draw the line in the sand through your feminine communication (the words you use to set appropriate boundaries) and the actions that say, “You need to court me”, you will stand apart from the crowd. Remember Dignity Daters, all you have to do is be 10% better than 90% of the women in the dating pool, and you’ll be the one men notice.

In summary, here’s how to get started now:

1. Don’t text, call or initiate communication with a man you’ve just met. (Make sure you tell him in person how awesome your date was, then let HIM reach out next.)

2. Let him choose what to do for the date, at least the first three times you get together. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, let him show you a good time. After all, there is always SOMETHING you can eat or drink at any restaurant. He needs to know you create opportunities for him to be in his masculine.

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