How To Make Your Man Really Fall In Love With You


How To Make Your Man Really Fall In Love With You
Ready to take your relationship from 0 to 60? 3 simple insights will show you the way.

3) Let him bathe in oxytocin. (Hear us out.)
Things like cooking together or having the same sprouted grain bread he has at his place will make him feel more comfortable with you. This will also make it easy for him to remind himself that you two are a “perfect fit.”

Guys crave comfort; and the minute he starts feeling comfortable enough to not even think about your relationship, he’ll begin the slide toward truly falling for you. Keeping good vibes around your place — nice sheets, good smells (Some guys literally think women have a magic power that makes their houses smell good!) won’t hurt either.
Being your authentic self in a relationship with a Boyfriend Material man is your first step to true happiness. Following the tips above will only help your man realize how special you are on a slightly quicker path.

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