How to Love Dating Again!


How to Love Dating Again!

2. I would choose to have fun dating, seeing the opportunity in EVERY single date, break-up or frustration. (including one of my favorite “worsts” with the Will Ferrel look-alike who showed up sporting fake blond Billy Idol hair and wife beater t-shirt, leaving me to wonder if he had stepped right out of a Saturday Night Live comedic sketch.)

3. I would turn inward regularly through coaching and therapy to figure out why I was unconsciously attracting each and every man, including the Hunters, Boy Toys, Will Ferrell types, and even the tons of Mr. Quality Casuals who started to show up after I began to change and blossom nearly 5 years into my dating journey.


4. I became a courageous “Intentional Dater,” making all my choices consciously. (even the “less healthy” bad ones) Once I was able to be present in the process of dating and practicing these principles consistently, I let go of wanting a certain result. Sure, I was disappointed, angry and sometimes even very sad. Yet, I was able to manage my fears. (notice I didn’t say get rid of my fears!) I became brave, exploring the depths of all my emotions for the very first time. And ultimately, after going through the same 10 Step Process I teach to my clients, I was ready to attract a man who was capable of having an inter-dependent, loving relationship.

There you have it. Don’t be a Hater. Join us here in the thriving community of Dignity Daters who are braving the battles, laughing boldly at the silliness of inner demons, busting free of romantic ruts, and being fully present in the experiences of dating. The results are, in fact, astounding! :)

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