5 Fool-Proof Flirting Tips For Attracting Fellas


5 Fool-Proof Flirting Tips For Attracting Fellas [EXPERT]
Learn to flirt like a pro with this expert advice!

4. Don't interrupt him with your story that betters his. If he's sharing that he went hiking in Joshua Tree, don't share about how you did that too, but what was really awesome was your trip to Yosemite. Truly listen and reflect back what you hear him saying. In this case you could respond with, "It sounds like Joshua Tree was truly beautiful. What is it that you'll never forget about that trip?"

5. Don't wait an hour to text him back. Don't wait two days to text him back. The good men don't want to play games and will be completely turned off if you follow "the rules." If you think you're playing hard to get and he will totally know that you like him and are doing just that by ignoring him, chances are what he really may be thinking is this:


  • You don't know how to check your phone (can be frustrating);
  • You're waiting too long to text him back because you're a game player (can be more frustrating and a turn off to the good guys);
  • You aren't interested in seeing him (can be the most frustrating); or
  • You don't have your phone with you because you're at the gym, in a meeting, driving and can't text back, or some other appropriate excuse. (It will work for a few hours but not for a day or more).

You can include these legitimate reasons in your text back to him so that he doesn't think you were just purposely waiting to write him back. If you don't know what to say, something is better than nothing. I can't tell you how many clients make game changing mistakes that result from ignoring someone they like — intentionally or by accident.

It's easy to let a guy know you like him. Just use the guide above and be yourself. Remember, the good guys want to know that they make you happy and that you're interested. It really can be that simple!

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