Does He Want to Marry Me? A Guide to Getting Engaged


Does He Want to Marry Me? A Guide to Getting Engaged
Four Signs He Wants to Commit for the Long Haul

3. He’s in a place in his life where he feels good about his career and professional life

Men want to be able to provide for their partners. Before getting married it’s natural for a man to want to have good credit, a stable job, steady income, etc. If your man is letting you know about his recent accomplishments at work or the raise he just got, this is a good sign he’s thinking about having you as his wife (and one he can support)! Often this one part of his life NOT being in order can be the cause of his hesitation or delay.


4. Are most of his friends married or single? How does he react when he hears about someone who’s newly engaged?

If most of your man’s friends are married, marriage will probably at minimum be on his mind. If most of his friends are single, it’s less likely as he’ll not be feeling any pressure. Many married friends? He’ll probably want to join the troops. However, if he responds with statements like “And another one bites the dust!” when his cousin Jay posts his engagement photos on Facebook, as the Magic 8 Ball would say, signs point to NO. But if he reacts with excitement that people around him are getting engaged, this is good news.

There is truly nothing you can do to speed up the clock of when a man will be ready to propose to you. As our old friends from Sex and the City would say, “Men are like cabs. They drive around dating women and picking them up, but their cab light may not be on. When a man wants to get married he turns on his light; and then oftentimes, the next woman he picks up, he marries!” So will it be you? Take a look above and check for four signs he wants to marry you. You just might be next.

This article was originally published at Dating with Dignity. Reprinted with permission.
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