5 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone


5 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone
Are you crushing on your friend? Here's how to play it cool.

2. Go on real dates with other men.
This is not a game, Dignity Daters. It's really just to pique your so-called friend's interest and gauge his reaction to you dating other people. If he's super supportive of your dating other guys, chances are he sees you as just a friend--and you've done yourself a favor by figuring that out. This way, you're also actively opening yourself up to new opportunities in love. If he seems jealous or doesn't seem to be enjoying hearing about your dating adventures, ask him why he hasn't asked you out yet. Often this scenario can set the stage for an honest conversation that perhaps has been a long time coming.

3. Have a conversation about it.
This doesn't need to be a conversation where you literally say "I like you as more than friends; what about you?" You can start by talking about your overall dating and relationship goals and asking him what he's looking for in his love life. Another more direct conversation to have with a friend you have romantic feelings for is to say "I could like you as more than friends; what about you?" Men say what they mean and mean what they say, so you can count on an honest answer from him.

That said, if he says he's NOT interested in you as a romantic partner, it's critical you don't shut down or close yourself off from him emotionally. If you want to maintain any sort of real friendship, make sure the conversation continues in an open and direct way. Let him know that while you’re sad and/or disappointed, you're relieved that you can now shift the relationship into a truly platonic place. Let him know you don't see him as the "bad guy" while keeping the line of communication open. Keep reading...

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