4 Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Men


4 Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Men
Quickly and effortlessly recognize the 4 signs of emotionally unavailable men.

It’s even more concerning when he can’t articulate what’s happening for him during these periods. If he uses the words “busy” regarding why he seems to vanish, run immediately in the other direction.

Clue #4: His words don’t match his actions.


When a man is full of mixed messages, it’s not a good sign. He may surprise you with a weekend getaway and then cancel on you several times in a row the next week.He also hates planning ahead, and talking about the future terrifies him.

Having the belief that you don’t deserve a whole, healthy, and satisfying relationship can be a reflection of low self esteem, and it’s at these points in your life that you’re more likely to settle for an emotionally unavailable man. There is no reason to settle.

So watch for these four signs of emotionally unavailable men, and make yourself available for someone who is emotionally available. You deserve the best! If you're still not sure, consider consulting a dating coach.

This article was originally published at Dating with Dignity. Reprinted with permission.
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