3 Reasons Why You're Still Single


3 Reasons Why You're Still Single
Beliefs you hold from the past that limit your present life/lifestyle are probably holding you back

3. Remind yourself that a belief isn’t necessarily a universal truth. Maybe you have friends in your peer group in successful relationships. How on Earth did they find love if there are NO GOOD MEN where you live? Collecting evidence of why your limiting beliefs only serve to keep you safe and stuck is critical to letting them go. Remember, you can’t simply think your way out of your thoughts; getting where the core belief came from and then disproving it will be essential to changing your beliefs for the long term.
4. Start throwing your beliefs out the window, one by one. Take a risk. Don’t immediately assume that a guy who wants to date you wants to be with you because of your income level. Let someone be interested in you. Be interested in him. Let situations unfold. Let go of control.
Explore what life looks like with a new set of beliefs, and you’ll soon find that the positive, happy and confident YOU will start collecting evidence of those new beliefs–beliefs that will ultimately put you in the path of Mr. Right sooner rather than later.

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