3 Reasons Why You're Still Single - Reason #1: You Believe Love W


3 Reasons Why You're Still Single - Reason #1: You Believe Love W

3. Work on your negotiables and non-negotiables to figure out if you need to adjust anything to attract the right person into your life. Are you too picky? Are you afraid that you have to settle and have given up on having expectations? Or do you meet someone and jump into seeing him as who you want him to be rather than recognizing that you may not know the “real” deal until three months into the relationship? We suggest you sign up with one of our dating coaches if you need that little extra nudge.
4. Do self-analysis on the parts of your life that you need to improve. Start with yourself. If it’s dieting that you need to work on, talk to a nutritionist or sign up for a new fitness class; get friends to join you! The bottom line is that we know that in order to attract an amazing man and become perpetually irresistible, you have to release the patterns, beliefs, thoughts and actions that keep you stuck in a romantic rut.
Next, it’s time to fall in love with you and design a robust life you absolutely love (single or not); only then can you start to date with dignity. Following this secret formula will ensure you get out of “waiting for love to find me” mode and into action!
5. Get a partner to join you. If you have another single friend, it will be easier to get yourself out there. Go to the speed dating event you’ve seen flyers for. If you need to tell yourself it’s for “research purposes” or even to make new friends, go ahead!
Making sure you rid yourself of the women in your life who are consistently Debbie Downers is an important part of dating with dignity. Sometimes even your best of friends can unconsciously sabotage your efforts to change it up because they’re afraid you will change without them. Hold yourselves accountable to make sure that another month, quarter and year doesn’t accidentally slip by.
Just Get. Yourself. Out. There. Stop waiting for love to just show up. Make it come to you.


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