3 Reasons Why You’re Still Single – Reason #3: You’re Too Busy!


3 Reasons Why You’re Still Single – Reason #3: You’re Too Busy!

Shift your thinking from dating activities as “shoulds” or “need to” do’s because you’re afraid of the consequence if you don’t into an “I choose to date” frame of mind. Notice how your whole body slows down when you say “I choose to make time to date” vs. “I need to get online.” Living in the space of “choose to” will enable you to have a completely different experience of looking for love, which will ultimately help raise your attraction factor.
3. Look at people around you who have a similarly paced job and/or social calendar. Are they ALL single? Do you honestly think you’re meant to be single forever? If you really think about it, we have a feeling that you’ll begin to feel like perhaps you’ve been holding yourself back from dating and need to make some changes ASAP. Being busy allows you to stay safe, in control and comfortable. You may hate those long hours, but the payoff is that you get kudos from your boss AND a valid reason why you don’t share your closet with the man of your dreams.
Stop using “busy-ness” as an excuse and slow down so that your Mr. Right can actually see you when you walk by. Remember, a man who could be looking for love simply won’t see you when your head is buried in your phone, you’re chatting with earbuds in, or you’re a million miles away with your mind spinning a conversation about a meeting you’re having an hour from now.
Remember, making up excuses for being single will keep you single. Making changes will get you closer to your goals, and it’s not as hard as you think.

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