3 Reasons To Look For Love On Election Night


3 Reasons To Look For Love On Election Night [EXPERT]
Don't stay home alone! Election night is a great opportunity to meet Mr. Right!

Feel free to choose a non-sensitive topic and bring it up with the men at the table next to you to see where it goes. This is the perfect time to pursue that cute guy by initiating the conversation, and then you can let the night unfold! You'll probably know immediately if you're on the same team; if not, you can always change the subject!

3.  A cause for a party is always a great time to meet someone great. Similar to St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve and Independence Day, Election Night is just another night for cheer all around. It's the middle of the week, it's fall, and it's a Tuesday — no better time to get asked out!

They even say that women look more like girlfriend material in autumn: less skin, more glasses and the possibility of a scarf-and-boots combination never hurt anyone. Check yourself when you get home from work, meet up with your friends at your election night soiree of choice, and bring a vote of confidence to the election. You can't lose!

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