10 Ways to Survive Wedding Season Single


10 Ways to Survive Wedding Season Single
10 tips to beat being single and sad during the summer wedding season

Treat yourself. Buy that dress you’ve been staring at in Anthropologie for weeks. Have you been saving for some Louboutins? There’s no better time than the present. Let the sales girl talk you into that clutch you’ve always wanted. It’s the perfect time to feel fabulous and dressed up, and you won’t have to wait too long for the compliments to start rolling in.

Turn a destination wedding into a vacation. Can you really be that upset that your roommate from college decided to get married in Fiji? We didn’t think so. Why not invite a friend along and extend your trip for an extra week? We know we can’t turn down a tropical vacation, so why should you? It will probably help to get a little R & R in to rejuvenate yourself after another busy wedding season anyway.


No need to break the bank. It can be frustrating when you feel like you’re spending your whole paycheck on expensive gifts for each wedding you attend. Go in with some other single friends on a present instead of buying an expensive gift yourself each time. It’s totally still the thought that counts.

Don’t bring a lame date just because you got a Plus 1. Think about your high school prom: would you rather take a mediocre date or have a good time with your girlfriends? Not only is it VERY hard (and not dignifiied, to say the least) to ditch a date at a wedding, it’s also possible you might be missing out on an awesome guy at the reception. Embrace your singleness and have fun!

Find yourself a wedding wingwoman. Scout out a friend at the wedding. It’s best to spot her at a pre-event like an engagement party or a bridal shower. She’ll probably be the most fun-looking girl at the party. (Besides you!) You can both take advantage of the celebration (in moderation, of course) and make the most of the party!

Celebrate love. (No, really!) Weddings truly are a special time, and it’s always nice to see two people who have found each other--especially when they’re your friends! Take advantage of this moment to celebrate love between two people, and remember why you believed in love in the first place.

The “Singles” table can be a good thing! It’s kind of like an online dating site, and at least everyone is in the same position. Yes, there’s always the potential humiliation when “Single Ladies” comes on, but maybe the cute guy to your right from Boston will want to join in. Signs point to yes.

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