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On The Search For Love, Don't Wait Too Long To Have Children

More and more often, women ages forty-plus are enlisting me to assist them in their quest to find a husband, which is just fine and dandy, except for one little snag. They want to have children. I have no idea what they were doing for the last twenty-some-odd years, but often, single women in their 40s have the ...

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Single And Searching For A Unicorn

I got an email from a friend yesterday with a link to an article that is going around and causing quite a stir. Apparently, a single surgeon went to a networking event, got ...

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Cleanse, Reset and Thrive!

As a matchmaker, my task is to facilitate singles to connect with their soul mates. In other words, just call me Cupid! In the dozen or so years that I have been matchmaking, I have had the pleasure of introducing many couples that have gone on to get married and ride ...

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Have A Nice Life; With Your Cat!

 * "I know I'm 5'2' but I ONLY date men that are 6'0' and taller.  * My soul mate makes at LEAST a million a year.  * Oh, no, I couldn't date anyone that lives in an apartment.  * He's a Capricorn? Uh, I hate to say this, but Capricorns are not a ...

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15 Spontaneous Ways To Make Your Sex Life Even Hotter

You and your partner already have toe-curling, sheets-grabbing lip-biting sex nearly every day. So how can you make it even hotter? Good question. Whether you're pretending to meet each other for the first time or you're roleplaying as your naughtier, ...

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Articles by Marla Martenson
Dating Coach: Don't Wait Too Long To Have Children

On The Search For Love, Don't Wait Too Long To Have Children

Many women are under assumption that they have all the time in the world to have children.

Computer Problems

Single And Searching For A Unicorn

A single surgeon thinks he's on the fast track to love, but he's going about it all wrong.

Beach Body

Cleanse, Reset and Thrive!

Detoxing your body, mind and soul will help you thrive in relationships and your life!


Have A Nice Life; With Your Cat!

How too long of a wish list can keep you from finding your soul mate.

how to make sex hotter

15 Spontaneous Ways To Make Your Sex Life Even Hotter

Challenge #14: Be in rare form! Spontaneity is a key ingredient to exciting sex.

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