Are Your Relationships Making You Sick?


Are Your Relationships Making You Sick? [EXPERT]
Bad relationships cause cancer. No, seriously.

Besides being in a toxic relationship, working at a job that you hate or dread going to on Monday morning also causes us to get sick and even die. Research shows that the most common day for heart attacks is Monday mornings between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. If you are one of those people who dread Mondays and sing the Thank God It's Friday song, make it your mission to find out what your passion is and how you can make money doing it. Life Coach: Can A Woman Be Both Powerful And Feminine?

A book that helped change my life is No More Dreaded Mondays, by Dan Miller. Dan says, "It's no surprise that we often choose to dismiss work's importance by reducing it to a necessary evil that merely provides a paycheck. But as long as we view work as something we have to do to pay the bills, we keep ourselves from embracing our talents and gifts, from recognizing our visions, dreams and passions." 

Reducing stress in your life by weeding out toxic relationships and finding work that gives you joy and utilizes your talents and passion will go a long way towards keeping you healthy and happy for a lifetime! Stress Management: Balancing Work And Love

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