What Would You Do To Find Love?


What Would You Do To Find Love?
Three Chinese bachelors put their photographs on the side of a building in the hope to find love.

4. Friends. Have a pow-wow with your closest amigas and put out the word that you are looking for “the one.”  They can fix you up and act as your “agent” in the game of love.  Or throw one of those fun parties where everyone brings an ex that they would like to recycle!

5. Men love cars. Where to meet all kinds of men who love cars? Car shows, NASCAR races, the Indy 500 -- you get the idea.


6. Are you a wine connoisseur? Many men now are really into wine and have wonderful wine cellars to fill. Join a wine tasting club or class. Flirt and mingle over a marvelous merlot.

7. Are you a bookworm? Meet like- minded men at your local bookstore. Peruse the travel section, and you just might be planning your next trip with a new man over a cappuccino at the bookstore café.

8. Volunteer. This is an often-overlooked way to meet a great guy with a big heart. Maybe you love for animals or support fundraising for a hospice or are passionate about saving the whales. Every charity has opportunities to get involved, and they are a great way for single people to meet. It is also a more comfortable way to get to know someone since conversation is natural and most likely necessary.

9. The Apple Store. My husband’s favorite destination is the Apple Store. He is
a committed “Mac” guy, as he calls himself, and loves to check out all of the latest features and computers. On all of my trips there with him, I notice the abundance of the male species.

10. Home Depot. If you like a manly man, check out the hardware stores for handy
men to meet.

11. Have a high I.Q.? Join MENSA and hook up with a brainiac at one of their events
or parties in your area.

12. Whole Foods. I have never seen more good-looking people in one supermarket than at Whole Foods. I even ran into that dream-boat Leonardo Dicaprio at the West Hollywood location.

13. Film festivals. Every major city has their won, or even better, go to Sundance or Cannes and mingle with the creative types or producers.

14. Learn to play pool.  There’s nothing sexier to a guy than a woman in a tight pair of jeans, leaning over and announcing “Eight ball in the side pocket!”

15. Are you a ham? Karaoke bars are still quite popular and a lot of fun.

So get out there and have fun! Send me a photo of you and your soulmate.

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