What Would You Do To Find Love?


What Would You Do To Find Love?
Three Chinese bachelors put their photographs on the side of a building in the hope to find love.

I read an article recently about three bachelors in China and what steps they are taking to find love. Standing 20ft tall above the Beijing traffic, the bachelors have plastered their photographs on the side of a building. The men are simply too busy to find a suitable partner due to their schedules. One of the bachelors said that  he had been instantly overwhelmed with calls from lonely women looking for friendship and from aunties hoping to matchmake their relatives.

The billboard was not well received by all though, Jerry Li, the founder of a counselling website in Shanghai, said the three men were simply “showing off” their wealth and status, but  I have to say, I like their creativity!


In our busy world, it is getting more and more challenging to find the right partner. Many people are either stuck in traffic on the way to and from work and are too tired to go out and meet people. Others are working from home at their computers, rarely coming in contact with another human being.

Given all the millions of people and possibilities in the world, where does one go to find a soul mate?  How about the supermarket?  Lurking in the frozen food section? Fondling the fruits? Standing in the checkout line?  Your soul mate could be in the most unlikely, everyday place!

Believe me, I know it’s not easy to approach a stranger. When I was single and had moved back to L.A. from Chicago, I realized that this was a much different, more difficult environment in which to meet people.  In Los Angeles, since people spend much of their time in their cars; very few people are walking down the street.  I saw cute guys all the time driving or jogging by, but there was no way to meet them. The online thing wasn’t for me. I was sure there must be a better way than chasing after cars or joggers.

In my book,  Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting, I talk about how looking may be the equivalent of losing.  Though women should not be desperate and constantly out “looking” for the right one, at the same time Prince Charming is not going to come knocking on your door either.  It’s essential that you get out and put yourself in a position to meet members of the opposite sex.

Here are 15 ideas and places to get you in front of the eligible men you are hoping to get to know a bit better!

1. Got a dog? Try the dog park; there is no better way to bond than over discussions about pedigree or training tips.

2. Start drinking coffee. Have you ever noticed the cuties hanging out at your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean with their laptops or just relaxing with a cup of java?

3. The gym. Are you sick of me telling you to get those hot-crossed buns firmed up? Need some more motivation? Scope out the available physically fit men spending their evenings pumping iron.

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