Spice Up Your Relationship


Spice Up Your Relationship
A humorous excerpt from Marla's latest memoir, Hearts on the Line, involving hot wax.

Two days later, I’m in the shower. The soreness is gone, and I’m feeling strangely erotic with this new body. I’ve avoided Adolfo in order to surprise him. He’s in his studio of course. I open the top drawer to my armoire and find my sexiest lingerie, a little ensemble I bought in a shop in Paris a few years ago. I put on the black garter belt, the front of which is edged with a line of appliqué and sparkling sequins and finishes with fine lace and embroidered geometric snowflakes around the bottom. Then I slip on the black push-up bra and the matching thong, hiding the new handiwork. I step into my highest pair of black heels.
Yeah! I look hot! Rihanna, honey, you got nothin’ on this cupcake.
I tiptoe to Adolfo’s studio and stand in the doorway until he looks up.
His eyes practically roll out of their sockets. “Aye, Marlita! Que sorpresa!” What a surprise!
Offering nothing but a naughty smile, I turn around and walk into the bedroom. Adolfo is hot on my heels and soon kissing me.
“Whatever this is about, I like it!” he says in a soft voice in my ear. “I’ll be right back. Just relax on the bed for a minute.”
He disappears and I sprawl across the deep red bedspread and strike a sexy pose, still in my heels. Adolfo returns with two flutes of champagne.
“This is the Dom Perignon that Rouben gave me for my fiftieth birthday.” He hands me a glass. “I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.” He links his arm around mine.
Entwined like newlyweds, we sip the golden bubbly.
“Mmmm, delicious,” I whisper.
Adolfo is soon crooning my praises, my beauty, my sexiness.
The lingerie starts to come off, and there, framed by the garter belt, is the artistry of Tres Jolie.
After that, he murmurs, “This is incredible!...Amazing!...Oh, my
God!”And fade to gray....

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Marla Martenson, matchmaker & author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

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