Have A Nice Life; With Your Cat!


Have A Nice Life; With Your Cat!
How too long of a wish list can keep you from finding your soul mate.

* Height requirement. Women everywhere tell me that they need a tall man because, "I like to wear heels."  The average American male is 5'9'.  It is estimated that only about 14% of men are 6'0' and taller. So if you are stuck on having a tall man, you are cutting out over 80% of the population.There are many amazing, high quality, commitment minded men that are 5'9' and under. Get over your obession with height and you will open yourself up to finding the love of your life.

* Eye color. Some women dream of gazing into the windows of a man's soul through his baby blues. Only about 19% of the world population has blue eyes. If you are stuck on eye color, again, you are limiting yourself. You can always get a siamese cat, they have the most beeeeutiful blue eyes!


* Income. I meet many women that will not date a man if he doesn't make a certain annual income. Sure money can buy things like security and amazing vacations, but it cannot buy you love, and that rich man that you hope to land, may very well have control issues, be a workaholic, have women chasing him everywhere he goes, or be a commitment phobe. Look for character, values and stability instead of a specific income.

* Location. That fabulous guy might live in an apartment on "the wrong side of the tracks" right now, but that doesn't mean he has to stay there. The fun of being married is working towards something. Eventually you can move, or buy your dream home in another neighborhood.

* Looks. "I only date extremely good looking men." Interestingly enough, I usually hear this comment from average looking women. Of course you want to feel a physical attraction to the guy, but consider finding something sexy in his quirkiness. A crooked smile, a big nose, or a stocky build. The truth is, looks fade, and the most important qualities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Keep in mind that the hot hot guys are often what we would catagorize as "bad boys." They have women throwing themselves at them and ample opportunity to cheat. They are often heart breakers!

You don't have to kick your cat to the curb, but you don't want the title, "crazy cat lady" either, so get busy and revise your "list."



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