Dating Do's & Don'ts


Dating Do's & Don'ts

Please turn off your cell phone, your pager, your Blackberry, your blueberry, or strawberry and give this wonderful gentleman your full attention for the evening. I do realize that there may be exceptions—for example, if you are a doctor or a single parent and need to take an emergency call—but otherwise there is no need to be taking calls from friends just wanting to chat or other potential dates.

Don’t tell him how hideous your previous dates have been. This is a big no-no! If he should by chance ask you your opinion of the other guys that you have met on-line or through the matchmaking service that you belong to, resist the urge to go into detail about how your last date had the face of a chimpanzee and the personality of a hedgehog. Simply state that he was very nice, but you just did not feel the chemistry necessary for a long-term relationship. If you mention that your previous dates were all hideous nerds, then believe me, he will think, “Well, I wonder what she thinks about me?” Your best bet is not to get into any details of your previous dates or, for that matter, previous relationships, including ex-husbands. By keeping your comments on a positive note, it makes you look incredibly classy and mature.

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