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Six tendencies of single men that women would benefit from emulating.

Men don't expect other men to talk about much when they are together. They don't ask each other about their day, what they did at work or who is dating whom. No, they just want to shoot the breeze with topics like sports, cars, the stock market, etc.

6. Men date up. They have no problem expecting to date a woman with supermodel looks while they themselves could stand to hit the gym and lose fifty pounds. Wouldn't it be fabulous to have the self-esteem of a man? I know that I am speaking to every one of you wonderful ladies out there who are constantly checking yourself out in the mirror to see if you look fat in your pants. I do the same thing.


I have not once heard a man — whether he was my friend, boyfriend or husband — mention or ask me whether he looked fat or if I liked his hair or outfit. Most men are perfectly fine with the way they look.  They are what they are, and they happily go about their business of trying to pick up a smoking-hot woman, so much so that they will hold off getting married for years and years until they find exactly what they want. I have had countless male clients who were forty-five plus and had never been married. 

On the other hand, women often date down. They think time may be running out to find a husband, or they are lonely, or there aren't many single men left so they go ahead and date or marry someone with qualities less than they would like. I would urge these women to act like men! Keep your cool and wait for someone to knock your socks off!

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