The Value Of Trust In Relationships


The Value Of Trust In Relationships
Don't let a lack of trust hold you back from personal freedom and infinite love!

The fact is that in the minds of others, you’re either trustworthy or not. There is no “kind of trustworthy.” If you’re up for the challenge, ask three people you know best how trustworthy they think you are on a scale of one to ten. Then, if you feel really feel bold, ask a couple of people who don’t like you very much or who aren’t close to you. Also, ask why they feel the way they do and what you’d need to do differently to make your score a ten. The answers these people give you could be radically revealing. Others watch how you walk your talk and how you live your core values. They see if you do the hard or unselfish thing when you could take an easy way out. They (including children) even see you when you think they’re not watching. Is your life an example or a warning? No matter what you’ve done up until now, what will you do with the time you have left?

Your character is broadcasting a particular frequency level of trust. Ultimately, you are the one who creates the experience of trust that others give you by the quality of character you have, the motives you entertain, the states of being you display, and the choices you make. Who you have become is what others trust or mistrust. Hopefully this is encouraging to you. George Washington, the first one to be entrusted with the highest office in America, considered the most enviable of titles to be that of an “honest man.” What do you consider to be most worth going for in your life?


4. Trusting Others
Do others easily take advantage of you, or do you even know what makes them trustworthy or not? We don’t always see things as they are; we tend to see things as we are. Everyone sees life from her own perspective. The drug dealer thinks most people are into drugs or are criminals. The college professor believes that most people are or should be motivated by learning. The soccer mom believes that parents should actively support their kids’ interests. People who are trustworthy tend to believe that most others are too. People who are not trustworthy tend to believe that most others aren’t. Each perspective comes with benefits and costs, because not everyone we think is trustworthy actually is. But, to assume that nobody can be trusted would make for a very limited experience.

Inner wisdom will let you know whom you should not trust, if you give heed to the warning signs rather than ignore them. Think about painful relationship experiences in your past. Didn’t you receive caution flags before the emotionally climatic events? Right now you probably have new signals about with whom you should be in a relationship and from whom you need to separate. The important question is this: are you willing to separate from those you should, regardless of how invested you are with them? If a man tells you about some real estate business deals where he has stretched the line to make extra money, why should you trust his interactions with you? Given similar circumstances where he thinks he can secretly gain something at your expense, he might try the same type of thing with you! 7 Questions To Ask Before Trusting A New Partner

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