How Compassion Facilitates Forgiveness


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Just as you can't judge a film by one scene, you can't judge a person by one hurtful thing he does.

Back to theater. If we not only watched an entire movie, but learned about the making of the film, the screenwriter's background and intent, and the history of the era in which the movie takes place, our perceptions and understanding would expand. We would naturally have more insight and compassion. The same principle applies to understanding a person  who has offended us! Trying to forgive usually doesn't work, but gaining a compassionate understanding opens our heart to natural forgiveness.

When we closely examine some of our own repeated poor choices, mistakes, and verbal offenses, we can be just as gentle with ourselves. We did the best we could, until we progressively learned to do it better. What 47 Years Of Marriage Can Teach You


Awareness and compassion lead us to acceptance of what was — and what is — without resentment. It is like our heart says, "Of course it happened that way. Now I understand."

With this higher wisdom we no longer have to fight the past; we can be at ease with it. Coming to this realization may not be easy. In fact, it may be challenging and require radical humility. It just happens to be easier than continuing to live with the heavy weights of hurt, anger, and resistance which keep us stuck and deplete our lives of energy.

Stay open for divine grace to soften your heart and heal your emotions. A burden can be removed from the other person and you. Forgiveness always has multiple blessings. You can read more about forgiveness in my new book, Being Love: 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love, available on, &

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