What I Learned From My Daughter


What I Learned From My Daughter [EXPERT]
My daughter has taught me a lesson that many adults did not learn.

One day, on the bus coming home from school, some of the popular kids started to make fun of the little boy. He was much smaller than the other kids his age, both in height and in stature because he weighed about half of what the average kids his aged does. He was bald and spoke very slowly. He was an easy target and the other kids didn't let up, so that day he got off the bus in tears.

The next day the ride home started off worse than he could have imagined. While getting on the bus, he dropped his backpack and the contents fell out all over the place. Many kids laughed as he picked up his belongings and struggled to get on the bus. He eventually found a seat and the taunting started again.


But this time, something was different. A nine year old girl stood up to the other popular kids and challenged them. She told them that her friend was much stronger now than they will ever be and that if they continued to make fun of her friend then they would have to deal with her. From that day forward, nobody messed with the little boy.

I tell you this story because that little boy was my neighbor and that little girl was my daughter. She could have taken the easy way out and either done nothing, or worse yet, joined in the taunting. Instead, she was confident enough in her own identity and beliefs that she stood up for her friend.

I also tell this story because not only because of what she did, but how I came to learn about it. I did not hear about this until a couple months after it happened. I heard about it from other parents in the neighborhood. When my wife and I talked with our daughter about it, she answered very matter-of-factly to what had happened. We asked her why she didn't tell us about it. Her response was, "I just did what I know was right and the problem was solved. No big deal." I don't know about you, but I wish that most of the adults I know had that type of wisdom and attitude. 7 Educational Games You Can Play With Your Kids

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