10 Parenting Secrets To Empower Kids


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Parenting secret #1 to help you empower your kids. Some simple and effective tools to be used daily.

It seems like a little thing, and it is, just like an individual brick is a little thing. But when combined with other tools and materials (like the other nine parenting secrets for empowering kids), each brick provides the foundation upon which an empowering belief system is built. It takes time to create habits and thought patterns. According to different experts, it can range from days to weeks. I've found about 21 days to be the norm for creating lasting effects. Multiple times each day your child will be reminded that he or she is great. Their verbal and physical response then anchors the same affirmation in their subconscious mind. Over time, the connections between different parts of their brain grow to be so strong that it literally becomes part of their brain chemistry. "We Have No Chemistry": What Does He Mean?

This is not about driving your kids or being a "tiger mom." This is about giving your kids the tools and guidance to make decisions for themselves. It's not about self-esteem. It's not about feeling good or about trying and failing; it's about success! It's about kids having the confidence to try and the perseverance to keep going. Your kids will surprise you by being the person they know they can be when you believe in them. 3 Ways To Help Your Kids Build Self-Esteem & Confidence


Tell your kids to be great. Be outstanding. Be whatever your power word is, to which their response is, "I am!" You will be amazed by the growth over a relatively short period of time.

Next week, we'll cover Parenting Secret #2 for Empowering Kids: Make Fear Fun. Is Your Child Resilient?

Mark Papadas is a nationally recognized children’s empowerment expert and author of the highly acclaimed book "10 Secrets to Empower Kids and Awaken the Child in You," as well as President of The I AM 4 Kids Foundation—a recognized 501c3 charity committed to providing its personal empowering programs to public schools across the U.S. at no cost to the schools. Connect with Mark through his FREE Parenting & Coaching Newsletter.

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