4 Tips To Get Your Body Lean and Toned This Summer


4 Tips To Get Your Body Lean and Toned This Summer
Being thin and fat is not a good combination

Compound strength exercises (with weights or bodyweight) like squats, deadlift, lunges, standing bentover rows, squat-to curl-to press and bench press are great examples. Full-body core exercises like planks and side planks work well also. Spend less time posing on “mirror exercises” like bicep curls, calf raises and tricep extensions.

Muscle mass is metabolically active tissue and your body has to work harder to maintain muscle mass.  This helps speed your metabolism and burn more calories during the day and at rest.


Muscle mass also takes up less space than fat mass.  This make you leaner.

3. Do short, intense cardio workouts (about 20 minutes, 2-3 days a week). Sprint Intervals or similar cardio exercises activate and shape the bulkier, shapely fast-twitch muscle fibers. This type of cardio will also burn fat and calories like crazy and give you superior heart health.

4. Walk 30 minutes every day, especially on your non-workout days. Walking helps you to keep an active lifestyle.

Consistently do these 4 things and you WILL have the lean and toned body of your dreams.

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