10 Tips to Sculpt an Athletic Looking Body


10 Tips to Sculpt an Athletic Looking Body
Every one is an athlete....so, you can burn fat and look like one

Eccentric contractions are able to produce the most tension development followed by isometric contractions and lastly, concentric contractions. If eccentric contractions are able to produce the greatest tension development, then more time should be devoted during training for eccentric contractions to reduce the risk of injuries such as knee ACL tears.

Also, strong eccentric contractions are critical for athletes to produce maximal power since all force production (concentric) must be preceded by force reduction (eccentric).


Lowering the bar on bench press 4 seconds (eccentric) and lifting the bar in one second (concentric) would be an example of eccentric contraction training. You could do the same thing with exercises like hamstring curls, shoulder press, rows and squats.

8. Improve your flexibility and correct postural problems in the early stages of your training to avoid injuries when you get to more intense training. You can't workout if your injured.

9. Progress to more intense exercises like plyometrics (jump training), speed training and full-speed sport specific exercises after you have stabilized and strengthened your core, joints and overall muscle structure.

10. Improve your rate-of-force production (how fast your muscles produce force) and dynamic balance. This will help you burn more fat because you will be able to do more challenging exercises.

Train harder, smarter, safely and burn more fat like an athlete.

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