10 Reasons Quick Weight Loss Diets Leave You Fatter


10 Reasons Quick Weight Loss Diets Leave You Fatter
Quick weight loss only diets will never work for you long-term. Burn fat and change your body.

5. Your metabolism will slow and become wrecked if you continue to try every new quick weight loss diet that hits the market!

6. Your immune system will weaken and health/weight problems await you if you become a veteran of these harmful diets!  Who wants to walk around with headaches and body aches all the time.


7. Quick weight loss diets create hormonal imbalances and aggitates your nervous system.  In other words, you will be a mess!

8. These diets generate loss of muscle mass.  If you lose 20 pounds in 10 days using severe calorie restriction with no exercise, just about all of that weight loss will be due to lost muscle mass and some water weight! One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism is to increase muscle mass. This helps you burn more calories during the day and at rest.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue and your body has to work harder to maintain muscle. You need to build a lean body that will give you good health and one that will last through the years of your life. If you rush the fitness process, it won't work!

9. You won't have enough energy to do anything the right way and that includes no energy to exercise.

10. Your sleeping patterns will be out of wack when on these type diets.  Get enough sleep and stay away from long-term stress. Experts agree that you need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. These two imposters will wreck your metabolism and health!

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