5 Reasons Thanksgiving Is A Great Time For Divorcées


5 Reasons Thanksgiving Is A Great Time For Divorcées [EXPERT]
Don't dread the holidays just because you're going through a tough time.

3. It's a time to laugh and have fun. Thanksgiving is a time to treat yourself to something fun either on your own with your children (if you have them). So go do that very thing you have been putting off because you didn’t have time in the past. Make the time during this festive period to enjoy yourself. Laughter can reduce stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance as quickly as laughter.

4. It's a moment to gift yourself and others with gratitude. There is nothing as healing as gratitude. Being grateful for what you have versus what you don't can really help you to move forward. As Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, practice doing so and see how you feel. Giving thanks for what we have is key to maintaining our own happiness—so whatever is going on for you remember, that there will be a number of wonderful things and people that you can thank on this wonderful day.


5. It's a day to share your gifts with others. As you know, Thanksgiving is not only about receiving it's also about giving. In my experience, I have found giving to be more satisfying than receiving. Helping others who may have less than you can be very rewarding and healing, especially during this very special day when a lot of people may not even have a home to go to or a warm bed to sleep in. If you find yourself at a lose end, then helping those less fortunate may be just the meal ticket you have been waiting for!

Take the time to feel the love that is around you and connect with the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Just saying the word repeatedly can help!

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