Are You A Woman Living With The Guilt Factor? (EXPERT)


Are You A Woman Living With The Guilt Factor? (EXPERT)
Clear signs that you are a guilt sufferer and even some that you may not have been aware of

2) Owning the “Non-Deserving” Story
If guilt is hanging out with you most of the time you may well not feel deserving on many levels. You may not feel deserving of making your business successful, or of getting back to a person or even getting the help you know you want and need because you feel guilty of giving yourself something that would bring about your happiness.

3) That it's more important to please others than putting yourself first
Guilt will run your people pleaser, which will have you doing things for others that can compromise your values. You feel that you SHOULD do something so that those around you like you and praise you for having done that one thing that (in your heart) you don’t want to do. I have often seen (and have experienced this myself) that when my clients give-give-give to others out of guilt that they often forget about themselves and get ill.

4) Blind to how your actions will indeed serve the person just as it wont
If you have ever hurt someone without the intention of doing so and wish that you hadn’t remember that there is a balance in the universe that dictates that whatever you have done or not done towards another – it will serve them just as much as you perceive that it doesn’t. Let me give you an example, I was working with a client who wanted to leave the relationship that she was in but didn’t want to leave because she didn’t want to hurt her ex. Once she saw that leaving him would finally have him grow up, take stock of his life and become responsible for his finances she was able to finally have the conversation and the relationship.

5) Believing that you are a “bad” person
Owning this belief will keep you hiding. It will do one of two things. The first, it will have you do “bad” things just to prove this belief – it can be a trigger to beat yourself up with. Or you will overcompensate for the fact that you have this belief and hide it at all costs.  Having worked with clients, I have seen overcompensation that can lead to “physical” and “emotional” abuse by their ex partner. An abusive relationship is usually born from this belief that then feeds into feeling that you don’t deserve a great relationship or that you deserve to be treated that way.

Recognition of running a “guilt program” can sometimes be hard, but if you resonate with any of these and have found yourself in similar situations there is a strong possibility that guilt is lurking in the background.

So how do you live a guilt free life?
It all starts with recognizing that guilt is part of your make-up. Once you have identified it, you are made aware of it and this is where you can start to change it. Hypnosis, energy work, or even matrix re-imprinting can help you shift the guilt to start having a more guilt free life.

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