The 3 Steps To Escape An Abusive Relationship (EXPERT)


The 3 Steps To Escape An Abusive Relationship (EXPERT)
Discover the unexpected steps on how to leave an abusive relationship so you can be free in 2013.

2) Protect yourself.
It is important to have a protection plan before you leave so that you (and your children - if you have them) are protected once you have left.  Make sure you tell friends, family of your plan and report what you have been through to the authorities. Make sure that you have a secure place to go to. I know quite a few women who have chosen not to because they didn’t feel it was necessary. If you feel that you are in this camp, ask yourself why wouldn’t you? Is it because you truly believe it, or is it because you fear the consequences?

Get real with the reason and if you find yourself still being controlled by fear and guilt, repeat the steps that I lay out in part 1.

3) Heal From The Experience
So by now if you have physically left, it is time to start healing from what you have been through. When I meet women who have been “abused” their sense of self has completely dissolved and so has their self-esteem. So its time to focus on you and start healing what has happened to you so that you can discover your inner power and reclaim who you truly are from the inside out.

When choosing someone to work with, make sure that you chose to work with a professional that will not hold you to how awful the experience was but who will challenge your perceptions so that you take yourself out of the victim mentality. Staying in the victim mentality (no matter how awful the situation was) will keep you hostage to your past and keep rendering you powerless.

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To conclude

In short -  first of all you have to realize that there is a problem and that the situation you are living is NOT normal and that you don’t deserve it either.

Your fear and guilt will keep you coming back for more – only if you let them. However you are more powerful than your emotions. That is all they are – emotions.

You then need to leave and protect yourself when you take the plunge. Finally it’s really important to heal from the experience to work with a professional who will re-charge your batteries to bring your power back.

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