May-December Romance


May-December Romance
Is age difference a deterrent in a new relationship?

There have been a lot of discussions in the media in the last week about Donald Sterling’s relationship with V. Stiviano.  One of the commentators on a prime time news panel discussion even went as far as to comment that because Donald Sterling is 50 years V. Stiviano's senior, he must be a sexual predator (!!) What made the statement even more ironic was that it followed right after the same commentator’s defense of V. Stiviano, who, according to her was unjustifiably labeled a gold-digger.  Does one unwarranted label merit another?

As a professional matchmaker and a relationship expert, who has many clients that date women that are much younger, I consider such remarks irresponsible and irrational.  Are we really so uncomfortable with that idea of a May-December romance that we have the urge to automatically label older men sexual predators and their younger girlfriends gold-diggers?  What is it, about these relationships, that makes us ill at ease?  Are we going to condemn all of them by virtue of that difference?


There are so many reasons why older men date younger women.  Here are just some of them, as relayed to us by members of New York Socials:

STAYING YOUNG.  Age is but a number.  Not everybody wants to retire to the sofa at the age of forty-five.  Keeping up with your younger girlfriend and her friends keeps you young and away from that sofa!

STAYING FIT.  Eventually, men have to undress.  When they do, they want to impress the girl.  So not exercising is not an option.

LEARNING NEW THINGS.  Yes, there is a generation gap.  Younger women help bridge that.  They are your guide to the new pop-culture and trends. 

BEING APPRECIATED.  Younger women value and admire your hard work and achievements.   Which of us does not like to be fully appreciated for our successes?

NON-COMPETE.  With younger women, you are not systematically comparing accomplishments and competing in triumphs.  You have lived longer, achieved more and she knows it and loves you for it.

RE-LIVE YOUR YOUTHYounger women only read about your childhood decades in papers and saw them in movies.  You can satisfy their curiosity and your own nostalgia. Who, better than you, can tell them about the days of bell-bottoms and roller disco?

So the next time you meet a beautiful young woman whom you are interested in dating, go ahead – ask her out, no matter her age!

This article was originally published at New York Socials . Reprinted with permission.
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