5 Tips To Create A Great Online Dating Profile


5 Tips To Create A Great Online Dating Profile
Your online dating profile is your ticket to success in finding your love interest.

*Bonus hint about online dating in general.* Resist the temptation to judge people by their photos only! Don't press that delete button prematurely. This is really big. Give individuals a chance to tell you who they are. Take the opportunity to feel their energy and get to know them, or at the very least read their whole profile. I do not love the people that are close to me because of their physical appearance only. I love them for many reasons. Some of those reasons are because they are thoughtful, sensitive, caring, gentle, intelligent, fun, loyal, insightful, deep, spiritual, affectionate, supportive, grounded, resourceful, or sexy. It takes time and communication for those special traits to reveal themselves. Think of this online dating endeavor as an opportunity to make friends and meet new people. Going in with that attitude will increase your chances of finding a love interest and take the pressure off :-).

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