Things That Turn Men Off


Things That Turn Men Off
There are probably fifty, but I stopped at Ten

This article could easily be called 50 turn offs for men because there are that many, but I’ll stop at ten, I promise (fingers crossed).

1. Marriage Hungry


Epic stories have been written throughout the ages about the vast difference between men and women, their attitudes, their thought processes, their sexuality. And for the most part, the differences do exist.

Consequently, women can meet a guy and within 30 minutes think of wedding bells, marriage gowns, china patterns and the sounds of little junior gurgling and cooing. Men on the other hand, meet women and within fifteen minutes figure out whether or not they want to have sex with her.

Men are very cognizant of a woman’s desire to marry and most of them know going into a relationship that marriage will be broached if they date long enough. They are reluctant, though, to be pressured about it, nor have numerous hints thrown at them. If you date them long enough, they will indeed, think of marriage, though not necessarily in a good way.

Men size women up as they date, consciously and unconsciously comparing them to mom, determining how well they’ll fit in with the rest of the family and their ability to deal over the long term with the following traits and habits the woman may exhibit. Traits and habits such as:

2. Drama

At the slightest whiff of drama, a lot of men run for the hills. Constant bickering, chaos and drama in any form is toxic to a relationship. Most partnerships encounter difficulties at some point, but that’s where core communication skills come in. Overly melodramatic women, tears, screaming and object-throwing are usually anathema to men, and men find themselves out-maneuvered during a display of drama.

3. Clingy – No confidence

Men are intrigued by confident women, women who know what they want out of life and who not only have high self-esteem, but their own lives and aren’t dependant upon someone else’s life. Being natural hunters, a number of men love the thrill and excitement of the hunt – convincing a woman that’s he’s the right guy for her. Clingy women on the other hand, are considered drags on a relationship. They require too much assurance, too much attention and entirely too much time. The average guy isn’t comfortable having to explain his every move to a clingy woman with no confidence, who is under the impression she must monitor his every move. Men tend to view these women as potential stalkers.

4. Nagging:

Blah, blah, blah, blah. That, my dears, was the sound of nagging. Blah, blah, blah. And that’s what men hear when women constantly nag. Blah, blah, blah. When women constantly remind them of this, that or the other in that whiny voice. BAM! That, was the sound of the door slamming on the guy’s way out.

5. Non-listeners

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