How to Be Lovers After Being Best Friends


How to Be Lovers After Being Best Friends
Truning your "bestie" into a love match

So, your go-to guy, Bob – your bud, your pal, your best guy-friend, the one you’ve shared your sneaky little secrets with, the one who’s schooled you on how to catch guys. Bob – the one with twinkly eyes and curly hair – is really starting to look good to you. Hmmmmm. . .

He’s starting to grow on you in ways you never thought possible. You’ve started thinking maybe Bob is "The One". He’s a great listener, has a great sense of humor, pays attention to what you say, dresses pretty cool, and gets along with your friends. How do we move Bob out of the “Friend” column and into the “Boyfriend” column without appearing like an utter fool if he rejects you? And that’s the show-stopper, isn’t it? Possibly being rejected by a great guy you cherish as a friend because he might not share the same feelings as you? He might not want you like you’re starting to want him. How in the world did this happen? When did you start asking yourself "how can we be lovers"?


How do you get him to notice you as someone more special than the scruffy tomboy he usually sees in jeans and tees; the buddy who’s so comfortable around him that you don’t even bother to wear make-up; the nutball who’s told him tampon and fart jokes? You already know everything about him: what he likes and dislikes; the types of girls he prefers, his favorite sports teams...just as well as he knows everything about you and finds it cute. His dog adores you already; you’ve walked Rover for him a million times over the years. What to do? what to do?

He’s just so darn comfortable, so warm and cozy to be around; he even reads your mind. You’ve fallen like a ton of bricks.

There’s nothing stopping you from proceeding, however, before you open your mouth, before you act on this, weigh the pros and cons, because there’s no rock-hard guarantee he’ll view you as more than a friend. However, you’ll never know if you completely hold back.


You’ll wreck a great friendship if he rejects you; he’ll feel uncomfortable being around you.


You fit so well together; you don’t have to “figure him out.” He loves the same things you do; better yet, you know exactly what he doesn’t like and how to circumvent any craziness. All that’s left to discover is the romance.

Try these five little steps and watch the fireworks:

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