Should You Win Him Back Or Let Him Go?


Should You Win Him Back Or Let Him Go?
Desperately beg him to come back to you or just wait to see if he comes back on his own?

Infatuation is powerful, which is why it ends relationships so easily. It affects people emotionally, physically and mentally. Someone who is infatuated will feel deeply in love with someone. They will experience physiological responses to the heightened emotions such as increased libido, heart rate, and blood pressure. They will also mentally believe that they truly love the person. They believe that this is the person they want to be with for the rest of their life. 

Waiting for the the Let Down


The venom is short-lived, which means infatuation is short-lived. Your man will soon realize that this other women isn't everything he thought she was and he'll realize he made a huge mistake. 

The good news is that, if you'll have him, he will probably come running back to you with a renewed sense of appreciation for you. He'll realize how much he really does love you and even though he will have the guilt for what he did to you, he will also have the great love for you that you wouldn't of had if you had pulled him from his "true love."

The Decision to Take Him Back

It's a difficult decision to take him back after he's cheated. You'll have a long road of recovery after infidelity. He's hurt you and while you're happy that he's chosen you over her, in the end, he still chose her over you at one time and that takes time to heal from as well as a lot of emotion and mental work. Give yourself time to heal and he should also give you time to heal. He will also need to recover from the devastation he has caused to the relationship.

A tornado has just went through your relationship, taken your husband away, and now your husband is back. Now you'll have to start grieving, cleaning up, and building a new relationship from the reckage. 

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