2 Simple Steps To Survive Infidelity


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It is better to be unhappy now than unhappy for the rest of your life.

When you want to yell, let yourself scream until you are out of words and power. Say as much as you want to say and don't hold back at all. You want to release all of that pain as if you are gripping the knife in your heart and pulling it straight out of it. When you want to be alone, just be alone. It's important that you are able to think during this process after infidelity. Your mind is going through a lot of work right now trying to deal with all of the events that led up to the affair, to the discovery and everything that has come after it. It's also working on your infidelity recovery. You will need this time to think about what you are going through and why your mind is making you go through this.

Step 2: Infidelity Recovery Coaching


It can be difficult to go through the rage and sadness alone. Having someone who understands what it feels like can really help you understand why you are feeling this way and how it is helping you with your infidelity recovery. While it is agony, it truly is making you a stronger person. If you need coaching through this very difficult time in your life after infidelity, contact me.

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