5 Ways to Test if Your Partner Is Cheating


5 Ways to Test if Your Partner Is Cheating
Give him the cheating test to know for sure if he's being unfaithful.

Your next step is finding proof that he has been cheating. It’s time to follow him, check cell phone and credit card bills and possibly hiring a private investigator. With proof, you will know for sure and he will have no way to deny his cheating ways.

If you find that your partner doesn’t score a yes on the questions after each test, take a deep breath and let it out. You may be in the clear of him cheating on you. However, if you still have that gut feeling that something is up, you should keep your eyes, ears and mind open. There may be something else going on or he’s learned how to be a great undercover cheater.

Discovering your partner is cheating on you is devastating. Come by Relationship Repair for more support and information on how to deal with cheating. You deserve to understand the whys, hows and what to do from this point. 

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