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How Does The Law of Attraction Work

How Does The Law of Attraction Work

You've seen The Secret, but how exactly does the Law of Attraction work to bring you a relationship?

The Law of Attraction is arguably the most powerful force in the Universe. It is, in many ways, the driving force that shapes and defines the manifestations that we experience our lives.  This natural law rests on a simple principle:  Like Attracts Like.  And yet this simplicity is what makes this so powerful.  By following this principle, we have the ability to bring ourselves EXACTLY what we want.  Attune to what you desire, and you begin attracting it to yourself.  Like a moth to a metal to a the gays to Madonna...the thing you desire simply cannot resist coming to you.  Like is always attracted to like.

This natural law is used to get anything you want to manifest in your life. Money. Health. Relationships. Don't go hunting these down - that comes from a place of powerlessness. Instead, come from a place of powerfulness, and attract them to yourself.

How does this work?  How can I just sit back and attract a relationship to myself?  The answer resides in the stars.  Our Universe exists and operates on a set of natural laws - the Law of Gravity being one of them.  Imagine our solar system, with the Sun at its center, and surrounded by all the Planets.  What keeps these Planets close to the Sun, instead of wandering off into the cosmos?  The Sun's powerful gravitational pull.  The Sun is literally "attracting" these Planets to itself.  And the Planets, being susceptible to the natural law of gravity, can't help but comply.  This law is repeated throughout the Universe...from giant galaxies that are attracted to a single point of origin, to the tiniest leaf that falls from the tree and is attracted to the center of the Earth.  Everything follows this law.

We are no different.  We are part of the Universe, and we follow the same set of laws.  And like the Sun and the Earth, we have our own gravitational pull.  So what are we pulling towards ourselves?  We aren't as massive as the stars and planets, so the objects we can see with our naked eye aren't susceptible to our gravity.  But energy is.  Our gravity pulls energy towards ourselves.  Now, there are many people, and they are also pulling energy..,and pulling on the same how does the energy decide where to go towards? It goes towards the person that is exerting the strongest gravitational pull on it...the one the is attracting it with the most force.

And that is how the Law of Attraction works.  By consciously deciding what energy you want to pull towards yourself, you will by default exert a stronger pull on that energy than someone who is not consciously pulling on it.  Following the law, it will come to you.  So now that you understand how this works...use it!  Consciously decide the energy that you want to attract to yourself, and rest assured that, once that decision is made, it is already headed in your direction.

This article was originally published at Gay Love Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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