6 Ways Kim Kardashian Can Combat Stress


Kim Kardashian
Talk about a stressful situation; Kim K's divorce is taking forever ... and she's pregnant!

4. Learn to say "no." With no other adult sharing the household workload, it's all up to you. Most people are surprised how time consuming the legal process is. These, in addition to your work and parenting responsibilities may mean there's little time for anything else.

Seriously think about cutting back on your volunteer commitments or social activities and learn to say no to requests for help. These don't have to be permanent changes but cutting down on extra activities that take time means less to juggle and less stress.


5. Ask for help. This is not the time to prove to the world that you're a superhero capable of doing it all single-handed. Your friends and neighbors will be happy to help you but you have to ask mo matter how vulnerable it may make you feel.

6. Respect deadlines. There are all sorts of legal deadlines during the divorce process. Some of them are hard deadlines while others are target dates to help keep the process moving. When you're given a deadline for signing a document or submitting information be sure to understand what's driving the deadline and what the options are for changing it.

If your ex is pushing for a deadline try to understand why and don't allow yourself to be pressured into agreeing to something you'd have difficultly complying.

For example, Kim Kardashian is apparently pushing to have her court date moved forward to avoid possible complications with the naming of the father on her baby's birth certificate. Kris Humphries is saying he needs to focus on his basketball season and doesn't want to be pressured by the earlier court date. He's offered other solutions to the birth certificate issue.

A word of caution: If your ex can't give you a specific reason for their desired deadline, treat it as a red flag. They may be hoping to take advantage of a pending change in their circumstances that would significantly impact your financial settlement, for example.

You may feel very alone going through your divorce but millions of people have walked this path before. You will get through it and if you can manage your stress.

Mandy Walker is a divorce writer, mentor and coach at Since My Divorce, the divorce support blog helping to ease the pain and stress of divorce. If you're struggling to see your life after divorce, download Mandy's free Visioning Your Life After Divorce workbook.

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