How A Dating Coach Helped Me


How A Dating Coach Helped Me
7 Unexpected benefits from working with a dating coach

This is a very different model than the culture in which I was raised.

  • I'm comfortable talking about dating. Given all the conversations my coach and I have had, I'm now armed with the language of dating and don't feel clumsy talking about it. I've been able to tell friends that I'm ready to date and to ask them for introductions. When they ask me, what I'm looking for, I have my values all ready instead of being vague and saying, "Well, you know, someone like me .."  
  • I've learned the interpersonal skills I use in other settings apply to dating and practicing those skills will bring benefits all round.
  • I've also learned the importance of having a dating vision. Unlike back in my twenties, it doesn't mean making sure I have a date every weekend. It doesn't mean feeling anxious because I don't have a date. I have a rich and full life as a single woman. I'm comfortable with being alone and I also enjoy socializing. My vision of dating this second-time around is about enjoying the journey of meeting new people with shared values and eventually, meeting a gentleman who I can't imagine living without.


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