A Mother's Day Gift


A Mother's Day Gift
3 Ways My Marriage Relationship Is Just Like My Relationship with My Family

Tell the Emotional Truth Quickly – but Check Your Timing
(and Don't Tell the Adults in Your Life What to Do)

Communication. Oh, you know that. Of course there has to be communication, but it has to be of a certain nature. It needs to be in emotional integrity. If you feel hurt, angry, unloved and unloving, you need to learn how to appropriately express that along with the love, understanding and forgiveness.


If you try to bury it, it will definitely come back and bite you in the butt. In my marriage where I live each day, I need to do this quickly. If one of my kids has hurt my feelings, I need to say that but what I can’t do as a mother or a wife is tell other adults how to live their lives. I can have my own boundaries – how I expect to be treated but I can’t tell them what to do even if I think I know. One exception: they ask me. Nor can anyone tell me. I often ask for help and advice but adults need to decide for themselves what to do it life.

So I guess relationships are relationships are relationships. What works in a marriage most likely will work with your family.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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