What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?


What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?
The sexual urge – what happens when it’s repressed; the root of sex-addiction and the way out of it.

This is the climate in which sexual addiction is born. In a sense, it is similar to the addiction to junk food. A person goes on eating more and more junk food because such food appears to offer the nourishment needed by the body, but in fact robs the body of needed nutrients. And because the person feels undernourished, they seek more and more of the junk food, hoping that by having more, they will find the satisfaction they seek. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Tantra – A Way Out of Sex Addiction


There is a wonderful book written by a former sex and porn addict, called ‘the sex god - No Mud No Lotus’, by Ben Belenus. He finds his way into balanced sexuality through the practice of Tantra with his love partner. Tantra is indeed a masterful way to discover both sexual and spiritual fulfilment.

The door to fulfilment is found, when we return to our original, spontaneous nature. This can be achieved by unwinding our stresses and emotional repressions back to their origin, which may be painful childhood memories or rigid belief systems. We can then learn to release emotions directly, through a deep primal scream, or pillow beating, or other forms of guided emotional let go. When we learn emotional fluidity, our sexuality no longer has to function as a conduit for our neurosis. We can then begin to enjoy natural and free flowing sexual pleasure. The body has it’s own wisdom for sexual expression, and in a balanced person, this is connected to love and spirit.

We have only one energy, and this one essence flows through all that we are, body heart mind and soul. Sex is a very joyous celebration of being alive, in deep communion with another human being and with the whole of creation. Allowing the river of life force energy to flow through us in a multidimensional way brings pleasure, gratitude and bliss to our lives.

If you suspect that addiction to sex may be harming your relationships and covering up some deep-seated emotional issues, it may be time to explore the path of Tantra. Tantra can transform not just your enjoyment of sex, but of everything that life has to offer.

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