Inspire Men to Respect You (Using This Hollywood Diva's Secret)


Inspire Men to Respect You (Using This Hollywood Diva's Secret)
Be honest. Ask yourself... Am I tolerating behavior that I do not want?
If you think your partner doesn't respect you, try examining how much you respect yourself.

Several years later, I was living in Sweden and engaged to a Swedish man. He started acting distant. Getting irritated. Giving me the silent treatment. It was the most disheartening thing. One night, he sat me down and said 3 words that would break the heart of any woman in love, "This isn't working..." My heart started pounding fast. I couldn't breath... I was devastated. My first instinct was to try to convince him and explain why I was "THE ONE". Why his life would be empty without me.

But I didn't. I did the opposite. I walked away. Immediately. I never phoned. I never emailed. I never texted. (I did cry myself to sleep every night).

Several weeks later, I received an email from him. He was on vacation in Indonesia, learning to scuba dive. He poured his heart out. He begged me to forgive him. He said he couldn't live without me. He asked to fly me first-class from Europe to Indonesia to join him for a 3-week vacation. Very tempting...But, I refused.

Over the next 3 weeks, he phoned me every single day -- from his cell phone-- from Indonesia. We met up again when he returned to Europe. On MY terms.

"You magnetically attract that which you do not chase."
- Rhonda Cort @MagneticWoman

(You can tweet that! Wink!) I discovered my value. I made my value know to others. Do you know your value? Is your value known to others? Be honest. Ask yourself... Am I tolerating behavior that I  do not want? If the answer is yes, follow in Greta Garbo's footsteps. Walk away.

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