Commitment: How To Be 'All In' Without Losing Yourself


Commitment: How To Be 'All In' Without Losing Yourself
Being one-half of a couple doesn't mean you are any less of a whole.

It is often easy to slip into providing what the other person wants with disregard to what you want for yourself. It is worth bearing in mind, therefore, that when committing to someone or something, you are entering into the agreement with eyes wide open. Clear communication should be had about expectations and requirements from all parties.

When thinking about the word commitment and what it means, most people likely think of marriage as the ultimate commitment. After all, it is a contract between two people who declare their lifelong agreement to love and care for each other, usually in front of friends and family. Entering into a lifelong contract shouldn’t be taken lightly, yet so many people think that because they have fallen in love and want to be together, this is enough.


Walking into any such arrangement with eyes, heart and soul wide open is the best way to move forward. Deciding what you want for yourself, your relationship and the type of person you wish to spend your life with are things that take due diligence, careful planning and a sensible head. They aren't things to enter into when you are in the heat of passion or feeling the highs of falling in love. Bear in mind that the chemicals racing around you which make you believe this is "the one" may take several months to subside before you can begin to see things clearly.

Making a decision to commit to someone before you really know each other or really know yourself is unwise.

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