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Giving Up On Your Marriage?


Every couple who has gotten help and worked it out says it is more than worth it!

Every marriage will go through trying times.  It is normal.  It is not unusual.  It is very predictable.  Count on it. 

But there is good news!  For every challenge, there is a solution, providing you are both committed to the success of the marriage.  There are tried and true principles that will overcome any obstacle to peace and fulfillment in your marriage!

But it requires sacrifice and selflessness!  95% of all the issues in a relationship stem from sefishness...think about it!  If I am commited to pleasing my spouse with no regard to what I get back, then I am being less selfish and more selfless.  And if I do this consistently, I will eventually get treated the same way from my spouse.

I realize there are exceptions and more complicated situations, but more often than not just choosing to please my spouse no matter what will transform the marriage!


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