Four Steps from Struggle to Freedom, for good.


Four Steps from Struggle to Freedom, for good.
Your negative stories are causing your struggles. Healing is to become aware that they are not true.

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Note: I am writing this article addressing ‘you’; this is to make it personal. I am of course aware that this includes me, and all of the human beings.
In the Healing Sessions I have with my clients, we are getting faster and faster to the core of the issue, and to the Key to healing: To recognize that your negative self-beliefs are not true, not real, they are pure phantoms, created when you were a little child. They are like a nightmare that you took for real, all your life. And they are the root cause of your suffering.
Imagine you had nothing to prove, nothing to defend or avoid, no needs to please or be liked, no drive to do things which are not expressing your true nature of joy and love, fulfillment and life. How would that feel?! The more you are healed the freer you become, and the more you feel joyful and light, regardless of what’ s going on. How does that sound to you? Appealing? I guess so. I believe this is the dream of every individual on this planet: to be free and happy.


Here is what one of my clients said after her second session:
It’s almost scary to feel how much space just opened up! I feel like an uncontrollable need to dance, to celebrate life! Before, I just couldn’t live; so much pressure on myself! Especially with new people, it was so scary to not know what they want [from her to please them]. I had so many thoughts that I got paralyzed, so I just got subdued and quiet. I wanted so badly to play, be a part of them and join in, but I couldn’t. I was terrified of what I could say or do that was wrong [and then they’d not like her anymore]. And now I feel very whole and removed of how I had been until just an hour ago. I feel I am part of the whole, everything is funnier and I feel I understand more what’s important to me in my life, what I am here for.
Here I am showing you in a nutshell the whole process of Your Healing Way, in four steps:

What do you tell yourself about your childhood – and go deeper than to say ‘I had a happy childhood’. Your unconscious mind does not believe that. ¬¬We all have some version of a story of how we got abused, mistreated, neglected, unfairly treated; how we were not allowed to do what we loved, we were not supported in our talents; we had to help in the house instead of having a life like a child should have – and many other stories.
Calling it a ‘story’, I don’t mean to discount your experience as a child. To the contrary: in Your Healing Way we recognize that the blockages you are caught up in are related to trapped childhood beliefs and their accompanying emotions. I say ‘story’, because by now, it is nothing but a story. These painful situations and interactions you may have had with parents, siblings, teachers, friends, schoolmates, etc., they are not happening right now, they are all past, all gone. As you know, life is now, not in the past, even though you still refer to the past to trying to understand the present, and that’s how you remain stuck.

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