Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day


Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day
Have you ever wondered why some people eat chocolate instead of logging quality time with others?

The Mayo Clinic defines resilience as our ability to adapt to life’s misfortunes and setbacks by using inner strength to help us see past an issue, so that we can enjoy life, and handle stress better.

There may just be a correlation between our self-confidence and whether we roll with what’s happening in our life, or reach for the chocolates first. How often are you able to take relationship ups and downs, or lack thereof and see the present moment for what it is—a passing moment?


If we see our dissatisfaction as being momentary, then we are able to see and feel more clearly, and with perspective. If we feel entrenched, because we do not think or feel we are worthwhile, or hot enough, then we may very well think being alone on Valentine’s is the end of the world or we’re going to be lonely for the rest of our lives.

Our resiliency impacts how much we love and accept ourselves. You gain resiliency by learning social skills that help increase your emotional intelligence and gender intelligence. Then your focus shifts to being intimate with a beloved, not on how we look when we’re on top with the extra 10 holiday pounds, or the freshman 15, or the extra 20 post-pregnancy pounds, or the extra weight we gained as we dealt with unemployment (multiple miscarriages, a death of a loved one, a break-up)…okay, you get my point. And, if you do not have a Valentine just yet, then I hope you’re out with friends and family or on the phone connecting with others to let them know you love and value these relationships in your life right now.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s, because you believe in love and the strength and the power of unconditional love…then enjoying chocolate (preferably dark cacao) with others is a great way to kick back and celebrate! Our family made these soy-free, dairy-free vegan chocolate macaroons, strawberries, and bananas for Valentine’s—and believe me one is more than enough!

Indulge your senses, and live with joy knowing that love is all around you and just around the corner—you just have to open your heart and seek to surround yourself with love. Including loving yourself for who you are right now.

To health, joy, and our relationship health!

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