Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day


Resiliency Vs. Chocolate On Valentine's Day
Have you ever wondered why some people eat chocolate instead of logging quality time with others?

Did you know that your consumption of dark chocolate verses milk chocolate is in direct proportion to how loved you feel; especially, on and around Valentine’s Day?

Wouldn’t that be a fabulous study to troll for why this is so?


If you’re a female, when you think about your monthly cycle, and where your emotions (and hormones) are at any given day due to what’s happening at work, in your love life, with friends, and your family; and how you never seem to have enough time to be everywhere and with everyone you want to be…It isn’t that far-fetched.

If you're a man, and you find yourself getting wound up, anxious, or irritated when you're not being listened to or asked for help in solving problems, unplugging and reaching for something to nibble on instead sounds like the easy way out to relax and forget about the moment, right?
Regardless if you’re a man or a woman—if you find yourself reaching for a cold one, chocolate, cheese, high fat foods when the going gets rough in your relationships. You may want to ask yourself why you’re reaching for these things instead of the solace of family, friends, or your Valentine.

Do you find yourself as a woman tied up with your body image and how often you feel sexy enough to shimmy around the bedroom with a significant other?

Do you just dive between the sheets to make love?

Or are you currently not in a relationship, because you dread getting undressed, being vulnerable, and the intimacy involved?

Our anxiety often begins to get the best of us right after the winter holidays. Some of us may berate ourselves that we ate too many fatty things. Others of us may say c’est la vie we were celebrating being with friends and family so that’s why are pants are a bit snug, or now we have back fat. Whatever our perspective, it’s not a far assumption that one of our top 5 New Year’s Resolutions are to lose the weight we just gained to fit BACK into our favorite jeans. The other four resolutions (if you’re curious) being: (1) find or keep my relationship, (2) get more massages to relax, (3) save money, and (4) spend more time with friends.

There are many reasons why our bodies are not where we’d like them to be, today. However, there is something called resiliency that can help determine whether or not you’ll do one of the following after a high stress day:

(a) the dark chocolate (because it has what are they called? Oh, antioxidants),
(b) over the milk chocolate (because it just tastes good, there’s more sugar for more of a sugar-high, and there’s milk to help with your minor opiate addiction), or
(c) none of the above.

Okay, yes milk products have casein which when digested breaks into tiny opiate particles and is part of the reason why we crave chocolate and cheese (I’m a BIG cheese fan when I’m not busy Breaking the Food Seduction and being vegan). But the other factor that may be at play is how well we handle setbacks and stress in our relationships. The more you’re able to dig deep to find inner strength to still be satisfied and in love with life determines how well you bounce back when you face a set-back.

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